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Stock Functions

The MICrODEC comes preprogrammed with 16 functions. These feature a number of the things the MICrODEC does well, including time effects. For the most part, these involve looking up some data in the SRAM and multiplying or adding it with some other data, before playing it out through the codec. A zipped file with all of these is linked off the main MICrODEC page, and here you can you study each function in-depth (understand how each works, and steal bits of code for creations of your own).

  1. 700ms stereo delay

  2. 6s mono delay

  3. 3s stereo ping-pong delay

  4. reverser with crossfade

  5. reverser with fading

  6. gated reverser with delay

  7. up-down sweep

  8. chromatic pitch shifter

  9. sampler with pitch shift

  10. fullwave distortion with delay and lowpass

  11. vco/vca

  12. stereo panning flanger

  13. flanger

  14. chorus

  15. stereo tremolo

  16. mono reverb

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