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About the Sinulator

The Sinulator is a Eurorack module based on our SineCore Modulator, built in collaboration with West Oakland Music Systems (WOMS). It is an improved version of the SineCore Modulator with +/-1080 degrees of modulation before distortion. There is also an integrated VCA and offset/gain knobs for both the VCA and modulator. The Sinulator can be used as a sine wave shaper, converting either a triangle wave or sawtooth wave into an extremely low distortion sine wave. It can also be used as a wavefolder with up to 6 folds in either polarity, controllable by the VCA CV. Finally, it can be used as an FM modulator with through-zero capability.

How to use the Sinulator


As with all Open Music Labs projects, we encourage tinkering with electronics. The Sinulator has a few patch points that can be used to extend its range.

Documentation V1

Documentation V1.1

C14 moved from ground to negative voltage rail to improve noise immunity on the LM13700 current source.

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