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Open Music Labs – Let's wiki!


Holding Pattern

This is the area where documentation resides before it is polished and put up on the official website.

Wiki Goals

This wiki is meant to be a user-active area for Open Music Labs. The main site, openmusiclabs.com, is the final resting place of laid out How-To and DIY materials, and will contain blog posts about ongoing work and thoughts. The Forums are for ongoing discussions, questions, etc. The wiki is where files, photos, and writeups should be stored and shared, and where material for final codification in an Open Music Labs page can be worked out by large or small groups. Restrictive acl settings on any projects or categories should be used only sparingly, if at all.

New Users:

In order to get rid of the text captcha and get more privileges, go to the page /wiki/HumanGroup and add your username in the same way you see the previous names listed. Use the text editor for this one. We will use groups and acl lists like this to control who is in charge of what. Also what if we change the way group pages are created so that the page titles can end with League instead of Group, is that cheesy?


Changes to The Look

I'd like to get rid of the shadows behind the text and stuff like that, and eventually do a consistent css layout. In the meantime, apologies for any gross aesthetic offenses and please post things that you would like to see changed on the To Do page.


I decided to go with a python based wiki because of the flexibility and ease of modification, as well as things like convenient acl lists. If you experience any problems that you think are due to the pythonic nature of the beast, post them up so we can make a decision whether or not to continue on down this road.

Other little notes

The GUI editor does not work consistently with Safari, however there should be no problems with Firefox. I've started a layout help section under HelpHelp!.

The Future

What i would do in The Future if time were infinite. Consider it a to-do list for Open Music Labs, things that will appear as we manufacture more time.