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Open Music Labs - Let's wiki!

Pressing Issues

If you are experiencing problems, try reloading. I've made some changes to the code that are slowly propagating.

There are currently some issues with the editor, backup all posts while you are writing them.

Changes to The Look

I'd like to get rid of the shadows behind the text and stuff like that, and eventually do a consistent css layout. In the meantime, apologies for any gross aesthetic offenses and please post here or on a layout page things that you would like to see changed.


I decided to go with a python based wiki because of the flexibility and ease of modification, as well as things like convenient acl lists. If you experience any problems that you think are due to the pythonic nature of the beast, post them up so we can make a decision whether or not to continue on down this road.

Other little notes

The GUI editor does not work consistently with Safari, however there should be no problems with Firefox. I've started a layout help section under HelpHelp! For my first trick, I am going to be adding MICrODEC documentation and code to the wiki.

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