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=== MICrODEC ===


Useful Functions

Although it can be fun to reinvent the wheel, its often a lopsided wheel you end up with. Hopefully some of these functions can save you time and headache. Its also good to copy and paste from a single source, to reduce bugs and typos. This listing will be added to as we do more useful things.

A complete file of these functions is here: useful_functions.asm

  1. reading and writing to the codec.
  2. reading from the sram - 16b
  3. reading from the sram - 18b
  4. writing to the sram - 16b
  5. writing to the sram - 18b
  6. sampling the switch to change functions - no initialization
  7. sampling the switch to change functions - with initialization
  8. initialization routine
  9. 16b signed x 16b signed to (16b or 32b) signed number
  10. 16b signed x 8b unsigned to (16b or 24b) signed number
  11. 16b signed x 16b unsigned to (16b or 32b) signed number
  12. two's complement of 16b number
  13. two's complement of 24b number
  14. adding signed numbers of different lengths

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