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 * [[attachment:microboot.zip|bootloader files]]
 * [[attachment:microdec_arduino.zip|arduino library]]


Arduino Compatibility

Most MICrODECs shipped after 8.11.11 come preloaded with the Arduino bootloader. This allows new code to be loaded without having to use a JTAG or ISP programming dongle. It also allows the use of the Arduino programming environment, which some people find easier to use. Although a very good Arduino library has been written for the MICrODEC, there is a compromise in writing in C, and making the code general purpose, that limits what sort of tasks that can be accomplished in the ~400 clock cycles between samples. So, although you may find it easier to program, you might not be able to do as much with your MICrODEC.

MICrODEC Arduino Library

To use Arduino with your MICrODEC, you have to do a few things first. First, download and unzip the following library file, and place it in your Arduino fol

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