6s Mono Delay

This program performs a simple delay routine. It stores the incoming data from the codec, and plays back a delayed sample. The input data is mono, and is taken from the left channel. The output is also mono, and is presented on both the left and right channels. However, if you're using a mono plug, you can only mix in the dry signal on the left channel (as there is no input signal on the right).

The pot (MOD1) controls the delay time. It goes from 6ms to 6s. MOD2 does nothing for this program. Most analog delay pedals change the rate at which data is being clocked in and out to change the delay time. This gives a smooth change in audio when the delay is varied, although it also changes the frequency resolution of the signal. To change the delay time in the MICrODEC, the easiest way is to just jump to the new delay time, although this gives an audible pop as the data abruptly switches. In this program, we increment the delay time (or decrement it) at a rate of one sample per sample, until it matches what you want it to be. This gives the effect of frequency doubling (or reversing) during delay transitions, which can be interesting sonically.

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